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Kitchen Planning Guide, Guideline 2, The Work Triangle

Guideline 2

The work triangle should total 26' or less, with no single leg of the triangle shorter than 4' nor longer than 9'. (Fig. 1) The work triangle should not intersect an island or peninsula by more than 12". (Fig. 2) (The triangle is the shortest walking distance between the refrigerator, primary cooking surface and primary food preparation sink, measured from the center front of each appliance.)

Guideline 2 Clarification

If two or more people cook simultaneously, a work triangle should be placed for each cook. One leg of the primary and secondary triangles may be shared, but the two should not cross one another. Appliances may be shared or separate. (Fig. 3)

Guideline 2 Example Of A 2 Cook Kitchen

A square room can work for two people if a sink is added at the back of an island which also features the primary cook's cooktop. One cook moves from the refrigerator to the island sink, to the BBQ center while the second cook moves from the refrigerator, to the primary sink, to the cooking surface. (Fig. 4)

Guideline 2 Example Of A Large 2 Cook Kitchen

In a large expansive kitchen created for two cooks, two very separate cooking areas are created. There is very little interaction between the cooks unless they are both working at the counter to the left of the sink. The primary cook works from the refrigerator to the sink to the cooktop. Note the microwave placement close to the sink. The secondary cook has access to his own grill, second microwave, sink, and undercabinet refrigerator. Two dishwashers complete the separate work environment. (Fig. 5)

Guidelines used by permission from the National Kitchen & Bath Association

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