Northern Granite and Cabinetry

Kitchen Planning Guide, Guideline 28, Refrigerator Landing Space

Guideline 28

The plan should allow at least 15" of counter space on the latch side of the refrigerator or on either side of a side-by-side refrigerator or, at least 15" of landing space which is no more than 48" across from the refrigerator. (Measure the 48" distance from the center front of the refrigerator to the countertop opposite it.) (Fig. 1 and 2) For further instruction on these requirements see Guideline 31.

Guideline 28 Clarification

Acceptable Oven / Refrigerator Placement
Although not ideal, it is acceptable to place an oven adjacent to a refrigerator. For convenience, the refrigerator should be the appliance placed next to available countertop. If there is no safe landing area across from the oven, this arrangement may be reversed. (Fig. 4)

Guidelines used by permission from the National Kitchen & Bath Association

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