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Kitchen Planning Guide

Guideline 30 - Preparation Centers

Guideline 30

At least 36" of continuous countertop which is at least 16" deep should be planned for the preparation center. The preparation center should be immediately adjacent to a water source.(Fig. 1) For further instruction on these requirements see Guideline 31.

Guideline 30 Clarification

If two or more people work in the kitchen simultaneously, each will need a minimum 36" wide by 16" deep preparation center of their own. (Fig. 3) If two people will stand adjacent to one another, a 72" wide by 16" deep space should be planned. (Fig.2)

Guideline 30 Clarification

The preparation center can be placed between the primary sink and the cooking surface, between the refrigerator and the primary sink, or adjacent to a secondary sink on an island or other cabinet section. (Fig. 4)

Guidelines used by permission from the National Kitchen & Bath Association

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