Northern Granite and Cabinetry
Northern Granite and Cabinetry

Craftsman Series

Our most popular line of component cabinetry features plywood construction and durable prefinished interiors. Solid wood shelving and two drawer box construction options add value, while a host of available options add to the line�s appeal; including 11/16� flush sides and matching specie interiors.

  • Wall cabinets are 12-1/2� deep; heights range from 12� to 42� with over 400 separate skus.
  • Multiple base cabinet configurations are available in 34 -1/2� high and 24� deep.
  • Tall cabinets are available 84�, 90� or 96� tall and 18� or 24� deep in a variety of configurations.
  • Most vanity cabinets are available in 18� or 21� deep and 31-1/2� or 34-1/2� high in over 150 skus.
  • Appliance Cabinetry is available to accommodate most manufacturers� appliances.
  • Home office desk and bookcase units are available in five standard wood species.
  • Blumotion soft close slides - the best in the industry.


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Flush Ends

Exposed Ends

Matching Specie Interiors

Shaped Top Rail

Extended Stiles

Flush Toe

Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Drawer Slides

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