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For a quick quote

Email us at: [email protected], include your cabinet list and/or layout, with a wood specie (Cherry, Hard or Soft Maple, Pecan/Hickory, or Red Oak) and Door Style (see drop down menu under 'PRODUCTS'), and just let us know if you want your cabinets un-finished, painted or stained. We should be able to get you a quote within hours.

Download a copy of the Order Form

Click here to download the printable order form. This requires a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have a copy, click here to download it.

Complete the Order Form

Customer Information
  • Fill in all header information to insure that we can contact you about quote request.
Cabinet Systems Information
  1. Cabinet Line - Select between the Craftsman and Pioneer line by checking the appropriate box.
    • You may order wood shelves with the Pioneer line by checking the box with the asterisk.
  2. Specie - Select among the species available by checking the appropriate box.
    • Red Oak and Cherry are Value grade for Cabinet Systems doors and drawer fronts. You may choose to upgrade to Standard or Premium grade by checking the appropriate box (custom material pricing applies).
    • All door and drawer fronts carry custom design charges.
    • Cabinet front frames will be manufactured using standard grade material in all cases unless a custom front frame is ordered.
    • Not all door styles are available in every specie.
  3. Overlay - Select among the overlay options by checking the appropriate box.
    • 1-1/4" and 1-3/8" overlays are available with 4 sided boxes only.
  4. Doors - Select the style of the door by checking the appropriate box.
    • Please note there are separate columns for Wall and Base Door Designs.
    • If you are choosing a door style other than those listed, use the lower portion of the form to order custom door designs (custom material pricing applies).
  5. Drawer Fronts - Select the style of the front by checking the appropriate box.
    • If you are choosing a drawer front style other than those listed, use the lower portion of the form to order custom drawer front designs (custom material pricing applies).
  6. Edge Profile - Select the edge profile by checking the appropriate box.
    • The C edge profile is only available for the 1/4" overlay.
    • Not all edge profiles are compatible with every hinge drilling. The edge profiles indicated by an asterisk are compatible with European drilling patterns.
  7. Toeboards - Check Yes if would like to order your cabinets with an individual toeboard for each cabinet, or check No to pass on this option.
    • Cabinets are priced without toeboards and carry an upcharge if toeboards are ordered.
  8. Drawer Boxes/Drawer Slides - Select 3-sided or 4-sided drawer boxes by checking the appropriate box.
    • 3-sided drawer boxes are only available in 1/4" and 1/2" overlays.
    • If you choose 4-sided boxes, you must choose one of the options that are listed.
    • Notching for undermount slides is only available on assembled 4-sided boxes.
    • Side mount slides will replace selected slides as appropriate for specific cabinets.
    • Aspen is the standard specie for drawer boxes. Hard Maple, Soft Maple and many alternative species are available, upcharges apply.
Custom Door and Drawer Front Information
  • Use this section if you are ordering any door or drawer front design that is not listed on the upper portion of the quote request form.
  • See our website for a listing of the available framing beads, edge panels, and panel raises.
  • Please indicate any special options that pertain to the entire order in this area. Finishing (for doors and drawer fronts) may be entered here.
  • Indicate if you want cabinets, door and drawer fronts, or all parts finished.
  • Select finish and glaze combination. See our web site for samples of various combinations.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Hinge Drilling, leave this blank and we will discuss this when we review your order.
  • Please list each cabinet that you wish to purchase here. Make notes about options and special instructions you have for each cabinet in the corresponding columns.
  • If you need more cabinets than the form allows, please print and include additional copies of this page.
  • Enter any notes that you have about your order here.
Site Diagram
  • Please use the graph paper supplied, to make an accurate drawing of your kitchen or bath. Please use the planning guide on our website to make an accurate diagram.
Miscellaneous Items
  • Please attach additional pages to order any items not listed on this form. Please note that order forms are available for many of you ancillary products.

Fax the Form to Us

Please fax the completed form to us at (231) 264-6560. We will review the form and get back to you as soon as possible to complete the design of your new kitchen or bath.
Phone: 231-264-9665 • Fax: 231-264-6560