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Kitchen Planning Guide

The National Kitchen & Bath Association located in Hackettstown, NJ is a trade association dedicated exclusively to the kitchen and bath industry. After extensive research they have developed a set of guidelines designed to aid Professional Kitchen Designers in creating safe & functional kitchens. These guidelines, know as the "40 Guidelines For Kitchen Planning" can be a great resource to aid you in properly planning your new kitchen. They are not "hard & fast" rules, but guidelines. In certain instances, due to room configuration or space limitations, some rules may need to be varied or omitted. For easier understanding, these rules have been broken down into the five sections below. You will find many of the guidelines very useful in designing for the physically disabled.

These Guidelines are used by permission from the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Visit the National Kitchen & Bath Association Web Site at for much more information on Kitchen Design.

Guideline Index

Section 1 - Traffic and Workflow
Guideline 1Walkway Clearances
Guideline 2The Work Triangle
Guideline 3Traffic Patterns
Guideline 4Avoiding Conflicts
Guideline 5Walkway Clearance For Seating Area
Section 2 - Cabinets & Storage
Guideline 6Wall Cabinet Frontage
Guideline 7Wall Cabinets Near Sink
Guideline 8Base Cabinet Frontage
Guideline 9Drawer & Roll Out Shelf Frontage
Guideline 10Efficient Storage Organization
Guideline 11Functional Corner Storage
Guideline 12Garbage & Recycling Bins
Section 3 - Appliance Placement & Clearance Space
Guideline 13Knee Space Clearance
Guideline 14Floor Space Clearance
Guideline 15Proper Dishwasher Clearance
Guideline 16Proper Dishwasher Location
Guideline 17Proper Sink Location
Guideline 18Cooktop To Vent Clearance
Guideline 19Ventilation
Guideline 20Cooking Surface Placement
Guideline 21Microwave Placement Heights
Section 4 - Counter Surface & Landing Space
Guideline 22Countertop Heights
Guideline 23Countertop Frontage
Guideline 24Primary Sink Placement
Guideline 25Secondary Sink Placement
Guideline 26Microwave Landing Space
Guideline 27Cooking Surface Landing Space
Guideline 28Refrigerator Landing Space
Guideline 29Proper Oven Placement
Guideline 30Preparation Centers
Guideline 31Combining Work Centers
Guideline 32Tall Cabinet Location
Guideline 33Seating Area Clearances
Guideline 34Countertop Corners
Section 5 - Room, Appliance, & Equipment Controls
Guideline 35Control Handles
Guideline 36Wall Mounted Control Heights
Guideline 37Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
Guideline 38Smoke Alarm & Fire Extinguisher
Guideline 39Windows & Skylights
Guideline 40Task Lighting
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