Northern Granite and Cabinetry
Northern Granite and Cabinetry


Whether itís delicate accent moulding or a majestic crown, Conestoga provides a variety of profiles to fill most moulding needs. Eight-foot lengths of crown, light rail, baseboard, accent and trim mouldings are available in a selection of popular species.

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Crown 1621 w/Rope

Crown 1622 w/Egg & Dart

Crown 1623 w/Dentil

Large Cove 1524

Crown 619

Crown 801 w/Heel

Crown 342 w/Dentil

Crown 344 w/Rope

Light Rail B11

Light Rail 1448

Colonial Base 10

Beaded Base 381

WM40 Light Rail (Veneered)

WM41 Crown (Veneered)

WM42 Crown (Veneered)

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